Video Links
13th March 2020 Britton Smith. Cosmic dawn ; the first stars and galaxies Link Here
28th February 2020 Tribute to Dr. Dave Gavine by Bill Samson & Ken Kennedy Link Here
14th February 2020 Joachim Harnois-Deraps. Mapping dark matter with millions of galaxies Link Here
24th January 2020 Juan Hernandez Santisteban. Echo mapping of super massive black holes Link Here
25th January 2019 Alan Clitherow. Solar Imaging Link Here
23rd November 2018 Nick Rowell - GAIA, Data Release 2 Update. Link Here
9th November 2018 Vanessa Smer-Barreto.  A History of Dark Energy Link Here
26th October 2018 Hazel Collet. The Beauty and Violence of the Sun Link Here
12th October 2018 Will B Joy. Finding Space Rocks Link Here
26th January 2018 Alan Clitherow.  Basic Deep Sky Imaging Link Here
24th November 2017 Bill Sampson (DAS) - Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre Link Here
10th March 2017 David Paterson. Astronomy and the art of navigation Link Here
23rd February 2017 Colin Steele. Horseshoes on Saturn Link Here
10 February 2017 Indranil Batik. Thinking Outside the Dark Matter Box Link Here
27th January 2017 Martin Hendry. Powers of sixty Link Here
13th January 2017 Alan Clitherow. "Basic Planetary Imaging" Link Here
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