Video Links
13/03/2020 Britton Smith. Cosmic dawn ; the first stars and galaxies Link Here
28/02/2020 Tribute to Dr. Dave Gavine by Bill Samson & Ken Kennedy Link Here
14/02/2020 Joachim Harnois-Deraps. Mapping dark matter with millions of galaxies Link Here
24/01/2020 Juan Hernandez Santisteban. Echo mapping of super massive black holes Link Here
25/01/2020 Alan Clitherow. Solar Imaging Link Here
23/11/2020 Nick Rowell - GAIA, Data Release 2 Update. Link Here
9/11/2020 Vanessa Smer-Barreto.  A History of Dark Energy Link Here
26/10/2020 Hazel Collet. The Beauty and Violence of the Sun Link Here
12/10/2020 Will B Joy. Finding Space Rocks Link Here
26/01/2020 Alan Clitherow.  Basic Deep Sky Imaging Link Here
24/11/2017 Bill Sampson (DAS) - Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre Link Here
10/3/2017 David Paterson. Astronomy and the art of navigation Link Here
23/02/2017 Colin Steele. Horseshoes on Saturn Link Here
10/02/2017 Indranil Batik. Thinking Outside the Dark Matter Box Link Here
27/01/2017 Martin Hendry. Powers of sixty Link Here
13/01/2017 Alan Clitherow. "Basic Planetary Imaging" Link Here
Due to the Corona/Covid restrictions we have held a few Zoom meetings in 2020 & 2021
12/02/2021 Pete Kuzma, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh :
“The Great Galactic Graveyard of the Milky Way”
Link Here
26/01/2021 Matteo Cataneo, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh :
“Cosmic dissonance: A tale of two universes”
Link Here
27/11/2020 Stephanie Campbell, University of St Andrews :
“Measuring the Invisible: Shining a Light on Dark Matter in Galaxies”
Link Here
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13/11/2020 Matjaz Vidmar, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh : “Satellite Data and (Trans)Planetary Ecology: How Space is Changing our World-view?” Link Here
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Meetings with Videos embedded on page.
22.02.2019 Members evening
Bill Samson with a look at the Gaia website and how he was processing data.
Alan Clitherow took us on a quick photo tour of a Rosetta Exhibition in France
Richard Lersky discussed problems with Plate Solving for observatory operations.
Jim Cook Gave us a look at some images he had taken of the moon and a bit of gravity defying he had witnessed.
10.01.2020 Members Evening
Campbell-White discussed his work on Emission Line Tomography, and HOYS-CAPS citizen science.

Alan Clitherow showed some planetary images, followed by a few of deep sky objects, demonstrating what can be achieved with your gear.
Ken Kennedy showed images taken with his DSLR camera mounted on a Star Adventurer. Unfortunately the camcorder card filled up before Ken had finished, so apologies to Ken ad a slap on the wrist for Tony for not emptying the card of last seasons movies!  Ken followed with a few exellent lunar images he had taken from a light polluted street