Ken Kennedy
Great Moments in Astronomy. A selection of important moments from the history of astronomy.
Sadly my ancient camcorder batteries (25 years old) have begun to fail and do not hold a charge.  This has resulted in the camcorder, which is as old as the batteries, recoding about 20 minutes of Ken's talk. I will include this 20 minutes in case anyone wishes to see how good the presentation was and add my apologies for this.  Fortunately I was able to record Alan Clitherow's demonstration which lasted about 15 minutes.
Ken talked about events which were important milestones in the history and advancement of astronomical knowledge and mentioned people who were instrumental in these discoveries.
He mentioned that his selection was entirely personal and that he was aware some of the audience might feel that some events and people should have been included.
first part of Ken's talk belowKens talk (partial)
Whilst I changed batteries Alan prepared his talk and I rapidly set the camcorder running.

Alans brief talk was about something he had noticed when comparing images of the same object taken on different dates, and other items of photographical interest.

Comprehensive minutes will be available shortly which should expand on my short descriptions of the talks.

Please check back in a few days. Thanks,