13th January 2017. Alan Clitherow. "Basic Planetary Imaging"
Alan is the Planetary Section Director of the Society for Popular Astronomy and an active member of DAS.
A select group braved the weather and climbed the North face of Balgay Hill to enjoy a highly informative and interesting talk covering the effect of weather, atmospheric pollution and our favourite enemy - light pollution and the best way to minimise these problems in astro imaging.  He described the many types of cameras, telescopes and other equipment that are available for photography and the benefits and pitfalls presented.
Alan discussed several free applications that could be utilised to remove unwanted artifacts and enhance images, followed by a demonstration using one of those applications.

A short question and answer session followed and as time was pressing and the descent from the hill might prove hazardous in the dark, tea was dispensed with (as opposed to dispensed) and Andy shared out the provisions for the descent, in the form of chokky biscuits.

Thanks for a great and informative talk which will help many of us to improve out pictures, or in my case get some in the first place, and thanks Andy for the bikkys
Alan shows andy a camera that would later be used to demonstrate an image manipuation application during his talk.
Alan Clitherow