What started as a straight line through the centre of the screen led us from the origins of Dark Energy at the dawn of the "Big Bang" through the evolution of the universe to the present time.

Vanessa described the theories of various mathematicians and astronomers through the ages to the present thinking, providing the proofs as they are accepted today and a look into what advances in thinking the future may hold.

Thanks to Vanessa for an entertaining, and for most of the group, a thought provoking talk.

Minutes will be available shortly thanks to Phil.

You may note that at the end of the talk with the camcorder battery running low it was removed from the tripod so it could show Vanessa whilst she answered questions, which led to considerable shaking  as the camera was hand held.  My apologies for this.
Nov. 9th 2018. Dark Energy
Dark Energy is one of the most mysterious forces in our Universe, and Vanessa will cover the evidence for its existence, and some of the theory behind it.
Vanessa Smer-Barreto