The Dundee Astronomical Society was formed in 1956 and is affiliated to the British Astronomical Association BAA (to whom we send observations). In addition the Society has a number of honorary members throughout the country.

Wewould normally hold member meetings once or twice a month at the Mills Observatory, Balgay Hill, Dundee in the months October through to March. The first part of the meeting consists of a talk lasting about an hour from a guest or member, followed by a short tea break, then a shorter session for members to make their contributions.

Discussions are being held with the Mills Observatory regarding this winter's arrangements and advise you here of any progress.

Weather permitting some members occasionally meet for informal observing at the society observatory near Dundee. Any member is welcome to join in these activities.

The Society has a healthy membership and welcomes new members.  Please contact our Secretary for further information via the Links page.
Dundee Astronomical Society

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NEW  Alan Clitherow's looking Forward to the Planets in June & July 2021 now online.

NEW Image of the month (June) online and one of Jupiter by Ken in the historic image gallery

Image galleries for the 2021/22 season can be found in the oppropriate sections of the navigation panel (left)

We Welcome the SKY Notes for May 2022, fom our new Director of Observations Brian Kelly

The Mills observatory is currently open, please check their web pages to see details of events.

A NOTE: Any past members or anyone who may be considering joining this society or is interested in photographing the night sky we are now offering you the chance to have your photo displayed on the web site or even in the calendar. Details can be found HERE.