2015 is the International Year of Light, a celebration of the central role that light has played in our understanding of the Universe.
Dr. Hammond described the preparation involved in organising projects and events that will celebrate the importance of light and its effects, from photography and lasers to art and how it has helped in our understanding of the universe.

Dr. Hammond described a proposal to involve amateur astronomers worlwide taking part in an experiment to emulate that udertaken by  Ole Roemer in 1676 to determine more accurately the speed of light by observations of the eclipsing moon Io.  A lot of interest was shown by members and some will probably get involved as more details are made available.

Two websites to keep a watch on for more information are:
Left & above: Dr. Giles Hammond  at DAS.

Below:  Jim suggesting our events photographer gets his best side while he gives his slideshow.  "Make sure your flash is working!"
Friday 14th November  7.30pm At Mills Observatory

Dr. Giles Hammond (University of Glasgow)

"International Year of Light 2015 : Measuring the speed of light using the eclipses of Io"
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Speed of Light website (No longer available)
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After a brief tea break Jim gave a slideshow of some photographs he had recently taken.  Thanks to both Dr. Hammond and Jim for their presentations.