A number of Committee members have been looking at the the possibility of a Society wide project to study variable stars.  Pam is co-ordinating and collating their findings which will then submitted to the British Astronomical Association.  The project is open to all members and is well suited to naked eye and even better, binocular viewing. anyone interested in taking part should contact Pam or Jim for any information.

Information, charts and recording sheets have been put in compressed files.  If you do not have Rar or Zip decompressing facilities I have added links to 7Zip and PeaZip which are both free to download, will open virtually all compressed file types and contain no unwanted junk.

Documents & information is downloadable as either a word doc or in PDF format.
Variable Stars
A simple guide to observing variable stars

An overview of target stars

Folders containing information on all target stars in both PDF and Word.
Download free 7 Zip or PeaZip links to open RAR compressed files. (External web sites)
Charts & information of proposed target stars for the project in RAR. compressed files.
Links to Skully's Project Demo Variable Stars recording Forms

These forms may be used for reporting but are subject to change from time to time as Skully improves them
Algol Submission Observation Form

Alpha Herculis Observation Form

Beta Lyrae Observation Form

Gamme Cassiopeiae Observation Form

Corona Borealis Observation Form