The Monthly Challenge
At the final meeting of January a challenge was set to record astronomical objects, naked eye and with telescopes and binoculars, in fact whatever members have available and to note the seeing conditions with photo's if possible and to report at the final meeting of the month on their findings.

It is hoped that this feature will be supported by members and generate enthusiasm.
The Challenge for February was, due to almost a complete month of cloud, only fully  taken up by Nathan (Skully) Brookes whose findings are shown  HERE
The March Challenge, again was not be very well reported as cloud once again ruined any chance of useful recording, although some members have said they tried and would like the challenge to continue throughout the year. Ken Kennedy has taken an image of the moon which was image for the Month.
Here is the observing challenge for May-
Do not attempt this one if you do not have a properly protected scope or Binoculars.  Look at our nearest star, the Sun, and count the number of sunspots you see, make a sketch or image them and share them with us.
The 1st is an appropriate time to see the Libration of the Moon.  This is where slightly more of the moon can be seen this time on the eastern limb due the Moon having a slight wobble.
There was one report for April's challenge which can be seen HERE
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Skully has added a few pictures to the April Challenge HERE