October 13th        Annelies Mortier (Research Fellow, St Andrews)     Exoplanets - Other Worlds beyond our solar system

October 27th        Fergus Cullen (Post Doc Researcher at Royal Observatory)   
Searching for the first galaxies with the James Webb Telescope

November 10th     Lisa Lehmann (2nd Year PhD, St Andrews)    Exploring Magnetic fields around solar like stars.

November  24th    Pam Foster,  DAS Variable Star Project and Bill Samson , Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre.

December 15th     Guess who or what- Christmas fun and feast.

January 12th         DAS Members night.  Members mini talks on a viriety of subjects.

January 26th         Alan Clitherow -
Society for Popular Astronomy,  The basics of deep sky imaging and processing

February 9th         Sarah Rugheimer  (St Andrews)  How to detect life on another planet.

February 23rd      Colin Steele. (Hon. Member DAS) Horseshoes on Saturn

March 9th            David Paterson. (Chairman DAS). Cassini: 20 years of discovery.

March 23rd          AGM
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Winter Meeting Dates & Programme 2017/18
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