Meetings 2016-2017
10th MARCH 2017  David Patterson, DAS Chairman.   "Astronomy and the art of navigation." With recorded sound and video
24th March 2017 . Colin Cunningham - Edinburgh University "The European Extremely Large Telescope - How and Why"
27th Januay 2017 . Martin Hendry, Glasgow University. "Powers of 60" with video and audio
13th January 2017.   Alan Clitherow  Basic Planetary Imaging.  Includes Audio, Video and full transcript of talk
10th February 2017 . Indranil Batik - St. Andrews University.  "Thinking Outside the Dark Matter Box - Modified Gravity in Plain Sight"
25th November 2016 . Members Evening- an opportunity for members to show and discuss interests.
14th October 2016.  "Sixty & Not Out" by Ken Kennedy (DAS) and "DAS Members Telescopes Past & Present" by Bill Samson
11th November 2016 . David Starkey, St. Andrews University.  "A Long Time Ago in a (Active) Galaxy Far, Far Away" 
Includes Audio
28th October 2016.  Dr. David Gavine.  "The Herschels-A Family of Astronomers