26th February 2016. Matjaz Vidmar - Edinburgh University.  What Has Space Ever Done For Us?"
25th March - AGM. Members Only
The Annual General Meeting of the Dundee Astronomical Society.
Members meetings
9th October 2015.  Denis Buczynski  "Newsworthy Comets
23rd October 2015.  Phil Rourke (DAS)-  "Detecting Solar Flares using VLF radio detection" & Andy Heenan  (DAS)- DSLR astronomy photo primer
13th November 2015.  Duncan Stackhouse, Glasgow, "The Sun and Solar Flares - How Accelerated Particles Affect our Way of Life"
27th November 2015 . Alexander McKinnon, Glasgow, "Lochaber to the Cosmos"
15th January 2016 . Members Evening.  An opportunity for members to discuss their particular astronomical interests.
29th January 2016 . Nick Rowell , Edinburgh University.  "Gaia: The Billion Star Survey Telescope
12 February 2016 . William Taylor - Edinburgh University, "Mapping Our Universe, a Thousand Fibres at a Time"
11th March 2015. Vanessa Smer, Edinburgh, Precolumbian Astronomy
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