Meetings 2014-2015
14th November 2014. Dr. Giles Hammond: "International Year of Light 2015"
12th December 2014. Graham Young and Jeanette Noble's Christmas Quiz and other jollities
10th October 2014 . Alan Penny:  "An update on the latest developments in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence."
24th October 2014 . Stuart Reid:  "Searching for signals from the dark side of the Universe"
28th November 2014 . Christian Killow:  “Spaceborne gravitational wave observation: Picometre measurements over gigametre distances.”
9th January 2015 . First meeting of the new year.  Members evening due to unforseen circumstances.
13th February 2015. Dave Gavine (ASE / DAS):   "Observing Variable Stars"
27th February 2015 . Robert Law.  Mills Observatory:  "Telescope makers and lost observatories of Scotland "
13th March 2015 . David Paterson (DAS):  "Rosetta : Catching a Comet"
23rd January2015.  Members Evening  A planned evening for members to give short  presentations  (no report)