Lunar Gallery
One more from Bill, 27 04 2018, 20.40UT, Skywatcher Skymax 102, Sony A330 at prime focus, 1/15 sec at f13.  Ha says "This one has turned out well - it's even in focus! Post processing was done using the excellent web app (which I've just discovered!).  What do you think?" I thinks it,s pretty good, but what do I know.  What do you all think?
Lunar images from the 2018 season
21 April 2018 by Ken kennedy.  "Terrible conditions with thin and drifting cloud but I could see the Moon and had a go with Tony's borrowed Celestron planetary  camera.  This is the first attempt and the air became very unstable.  I have attached my first attempt although I realise that I should get better images when conditions improve,"