Ken Kennedy & Bill Samson
Bill Sampson (DAS) - Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre
Ken Kennedy (DAS) - Variable Stars and the DAS Project
I was a little late setting up the camcorder to record the meeting , not quite getting focus correct and was therefoere not able to pass a microphone to the first speaker. Bill Samson. As a result Bill's segment was out of focus and the sound was recorded on the built in microphone from the end of the room and is not of a very good quality.  Bill kindly sent a copy of his Pwer Point document and with a great deal of editing I was able to sync the sound with the slides to make a clear, though poor sounding movie.  My apologies and thanks to Bill.

Ken's slideshow was ok as I was able to get the microphode to Ken to wear and the camcorder just about right barring slighly cutting off the screen edge.

My profound apologies to Bill and Ken, and to all of you.
Chairman David Patterson fills in as Ken fixes a minor glich in the projector.
At the end of the slideshow Bill gave us some facts and figures about the visitor centre and it's history, amid questions and comments.
Pam Foster was to have presented a talk about variable stars and how a select DAS group had been organised to study and report on the findings so far.  Unfortunately she was unable to attend due to inclement weather so Ken gave a talk about the types of variable stars and DAS variable stars steering group findings in such short notice.  Thanks to Ken for stepping in.
If anyone is interested in joining the Variable Stars observation group please contact Pam.  If you have an idea or suggestion for any project please discuss with the Committee or at the meetings.