Historic Earth Atmosperic Phenomena
A perseid meteor By T Hayes. 16th.17th aug.16   1145 UT. Canon EOS 700D, ISO-400;  f22;  30 seconds. "Eager to try my Star Adventurer in earnest, I spent ages levelling the tripod on the grassy, slippery hill behind the house, then atached the camera and aimed in the general direction of  Cassiopeia. As I sat on my recliner I slipped and knocked the tripod.  Luckily I caught it before any damage was done and I stood it upright and started shooting with various exposure times.  This is the third picture I took and when adjusting the white/black thingy in PhotoShop I was surprised to spot a Perseid. I have made no other adjustments with P/shop.   You can see part of  Cassiopeia at the top right and part of  perseus bottom right with Polaris to the left of image." - Tony H
Aurora by Pam Foster. 1st March 2017  23:49.  Canon EOS 600D, f/5   30 seconds  ISO-800.  “Was too busy watching the display when it was at its best, but this is my best image from last night!!
By Andy Heenan. 1st February 2016.  Canon EOS 600D  f/4.5: 1/250 sec: ISO-100
A double rainbow taken by Bill Samson whilst travelling on a bus, taken through the window on a moble phone.  Thanks Bill.
By Ken Kennedy. Canon EOS 100D at 24mm focal length at f4 for 6 seconds, 200 ISO. "NLC display seen 17/18 July 2017 from 2316 - 0219 UT.  Low (8 degrees) towards the north (see image 0002 UT) showing type II & III forms."- Ken K
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Earth atmospheric Phenomena
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