The Beauty and Violence of the Sun.  A look at the make-up of the sun, and its effects on our own planet.
Hazel Collet
Hazel described the various ways the sun effects can be seen such as rainbows and sun dogs as well as the growth of plants and all life on Earth.  This was followed by a view in detail of the violent but beautiful forces at work on the sun.

Finally Hazel showed a short video of data collected by the Solar Dynamics Observatory in it's first five year of operation.

There followed a short Q&A session and brief discussion. See (badly) edited video, right.

Tony mentioned that he was taking orders for the DAS Calendar but advised that cash must be made with any orders.

Contact him by e-mail if you are unable to get to meetings. The price is £4 + £1 postage if required.  Payment may be made by PayPal on request.
After a short break for refreshment Jim, our Director of Observations, showed us what to look out for in the night sky of November which will be available in the November Sky Notes shortly.

He also mentioned that now the evenings are getting darker he has resumed the monthly challenge.  Look out for this as it has something for everyone from newbie to expert.

Skully finished the evening with a live demonstration of an app he is working on to automate adding data from variable star observations to a spreadsheet to assist Pam when preparing data for submission to the BAA.  Due to technical problems (Battery died!) there is no video, sorry.  There is a sound file of his demo, left, as well as links to the forms etc.
Skully's Demonstration
Please be aware that Skully was wearing a mike so any questions asked by the audience will not be as clear and will be much quieter than his answers.

The links below will take you to the demo form which I believe can be used for reporting.
Algol Submission Observation Form

Alpha Herculis Observation Form

Beta Lyrae Observation Form

Gamme Cassiopeiae Observation Form

Corona Borealis Observation Form
These links will be moved to the appropriate page when completed.